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CHILDRENIt is a joyful experience working with children. They are very receptive to Holistic Therapies and usually respond quickly as they have no preformed expectations or prejudices. Touch is instinctive: if a child falls or hurts themselves a mother will automatically `kiss it better' or `rub it better'. Children, even babies, respond positively to touch therapies. Essential oils, especially Lavender and Camomile are very effective in calming and sedating children as well as relieving itching and soreness eg with Chicken Pox.

Reflexology is particularly beneficial for many childhood ailments such as earache, constipation, stress, muscle aches and pains; it also aids concentration.

CHILDRENChildren lead much more sedentary lifestyles in our technological culture; as a result they have a much greater build up of tension which is not released through physical activity. They need help to de-stress. They can benefit from the self-help use of essential oils in the form of inhalations, electric oil dispersers, baths, compresses and simple massage. The treatment should be pleasurable and of short duration so as not to deter future sessions. Children quickly learn that Reflexology or Massage makes them feel better and will spontaneously request a healing hand.



Excellent for: Earache, Headaches, Asthma, Muscle Aches & Pains, Stress, Bedwetting, Adolescent Mood Swings and Insomnia.

Holistic Therapies stimulate the natural healing capacities of the body, leading to a much reduced dependence on medication.


'He was able to concentrate better in school and was much less aggressive' Mother of a 10yr old child after the first session of Reflexology

'She was much calmer and slept better' Mother of 11yr old after a foot and back Massage

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